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Hey there! Thank you for stopping by, and showing your interest in this travel blog!

This blog is for you if you are looking for some inspiration to break free from your routine life and take some "little detours" to explore the world around you! This is for you, if traveling to new places, understanding different cultures, and meeting new people excites you! This is also for you, if you are looking for recommendations, travel tips, bike trips, hiking, and other enthralling life-changing experiences in the high mountains.

I am Kiran Kumnoor (Kiku), a Computer Science Graduate, who loves traveling- especially those long solo bike rides, an amateur photographer - love to click pictures, loves adventures, and like taking risks!! I love to explore new places, new cultures and meet new people.

I have been documenting my travel experiences through my little blog, Little Detours for quite some time now. I have been on many solo bike rides visited places across the country. But what really changed my perspective towards life was my First Himalayan trekafter which I never looked back!

At the peak! 
Since then, I have traveled at every opportunity I had. Be it a small evening ride to a nearby hill for sunset, hiking in the Himalayas or in the Western Ghats, riding to the highest motorable pass, or a solo trip to Rajasthan - the desert land of India! My hunger for experiencing the unknown places, different cultures and meeting new places never seems to cease!

Almost all my bike trips have been exhausting to say the least, while some went beyond the threshold, due to extreme weather or driving all through the night! Nonetheless, when I come home and find solace on that very familiar pillow, I know the value of those experiences I had.

I have recently gained quite a lot of interest in photography, and I am on a mission to let the world know how soul-satisfying and life-changing travel can be through my photos, and blogs and doing my bit to inspire people to travel.

Follow me on this amazing journey where I take you through various detours from my routine life, traveling and exploring!

If you have any queries, want to collaborate with me please drop an email to kirankumnoor12@gmail.com or info@littledetoursoflife.com, or say hello use the Contact Form to leave your message.

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