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Dear friends,

The first time I trekked in the Himalayas, it changed me for life. In a way, it molded me, made me strong and made me realize how tiny we seem in front of this huge universe. It kind of gave me that courage in life to withstand any situation whatsoever.

If you are thinking of going on that first trek, read on. The very thought of packing your backpack and going on a Himalayan Trek might seem like a daunting task at first. If you are worried, nervous or even scared a little, let me tell you that this is very normal. Climbing the Himalayas is indeed a big decision considering the uncertainties that come with the high altitude. But with various trek operators across the country, these treks are often carried out safely. Nonetheless, here is why you should trek the Himalayas at least once.

1. Get rid of that fear

At the peak during my first Himalayan Trek

When I first signed up for my first Himalayan trek, I was scared, to be frank. I was so much scared, that I was even thinking of alternate ways to spend my days until my return flight!
Sometimes it is not the outcome that scares you, it's the very process of going through something which you have never done before, which is scary. Reaching the peak is not scary, but the things that you go through is what is scary at times. So, don't think, just sign up for a trek, book your tickets and go

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2. Learn to enjoy the differences

When you go on a trek, you meet a whole lot of new people other than your own gang. Interact with them. Everybody comes with their own cents on everything. Maybe you think solo travel is not safe, and you might end up meeting solo travelers who tell you why it's a must do. You might think that hitchhiking is riskier, but you may meet some people who might think otherwise! There is always room for knowing and understanding the different perspective from the one we already hold. You get to look at things from a totally different perspective and appreciate the same.

Met this guy Barry. 65 years young and fit

On my first trek to the Himalayas, I met this guy Barry from the USA who says he should have started trekking earlier. He started trekking since he was 25! So, it's late already, but not so much. Just go for that trek!

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3. Learn to respect the nature, the mother Earth

I know there are environmentalists out there, but it's not every day you get to think about nature around. In a city life where we hardly see the sunrise or the moonlit skies, being on a Himalayan Trek serves as a perfect occasion to take out that ample time to just look at the nature around you and wonder for a bit. Just the thought of how big the universe is, and how are the stars so many in number will get you higher than you could ever with those few glasses of wine!
Through the duration of the trek, every day you learn to respect the earth a bit more. You need to respect the weather, the conditions, and everything when you are away from your comfort zone, out in the Himalayas

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4. Less is more

The first Himalayan trek will change you for sure. I can bet my life on it. It will change you for good. As your journey continues from one day to another, you will realize that not so much is required by humans to live their life peacefully. You will meet the people in the mountains and appreciate their simpler lifestyle. You will realize that less is more. You will realize that the Bluetooth speaker you bought doesn't really play music according to the mood of your heart, but the wind that blows in these high mountains definitely will!!

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5. Come out as a strong person

A Himlayan Wildflower!

When I first reached the peak on my first ever Himalayan trek, it changed me. It was ecstatic. It made me realise the strength I have within me to stand against all odds in life.
I cried on my second trek when I finally summited the Rupin Pass. This not a sign of a week heart, but a strong one. You will know that your worth is far more than what others think of you, or what you keep telling yourself.

Me at Upper Waterfall Campsite - Rupin
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6. Appreciate little things in life

After going through those few days in the mountains, you will learn to appreciate smaller things in life.
After eating the food that is given to you, when you come back home you will appreciate the food that your mom or maid or your wife/husband makes for you. You will learn that the things you take for granted are not really. You become gentle, and humbler than before. You will appreciate your life and you will learn to be thankful for what you have!

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Some other pictures from my treks

The Kailash Range as seen on the Rupin Pass trail

The Blue Waters of Rupin

The Last Stretch - Rupin Pass Trek

Snow bridge crossing - Rupin Pass Trek


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